SOUL CHAI in Portland

I encourage everyone to read this article by sprudge coffee blog. Such a great interview with a company that in making noise with awesome label/marketing. Here is a preview of the interview. Follow the link for the entire talk. Love you all!!

-Lioness Brew

"Your website lists two different chai products—tell us about them!

Our original Masala Chai has a black tea base, featuring strong notes of cardamom and ginger with a lingering spice. Our Rooibos Masala Chai is a bit more earthy and naturally caffeine-free.

The packaging it comes in is beautiful—who designed it?

Thank you! It was designed by Blakely and Viviana Dadson, an all-star husband and wife design duo.

What’s your preferred way to drink chai?

I like it steamed and sweetened with honey or simple syrup. At home, I like to drink it from my favorite Mazama mug."