How To make the Famous Starbucks Iced Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew. Ingredients and Recipe

Starbucks is Popular for their Iconic Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew. It makes for some of the most beautiful coffee photos and satisfying flavors.

Cold Brew is actually one of the FEW dark roast beans to hold a high amount of caffeine.

So how do they make this strong drink taste so sweet?

Cream Recipe:

  • 12ounces of heavy whipping cream
  • 16ounces of your milk Preference (2% or coconut milk works best) •8 tsp of Vanilla Extract ~Mix VERY well and store in a thermos to keep it fresh and sweet.

Cold Brew Recipe:

(Works best with a pour over pot or French press)

  • Get Cold Brew Beans

  • Grind Coarse (#1 if you take it to a Starbucks) •Grind 3-4 ounces of beans and place them in your filter or French press
  • Pour a gallon of filtered Water over the beans
  • let the coffee brew in a French press for 8 hours. If in a drip run the brewed coffee through the same beans 4 times. Let rest for 4-5 hours. •Leave in room temp or fridge

Once rested:

  • Add 2 tsp of Vanilla Extract to your cup
  • Add ice
  • Pour cold brew halfway •Cut with water if you are sensitive to caffeine. If not fill 3/4 with cold brew
  • Add Sweet Cream

Now You have the popular cold coffee for a fraction of the cost 💁🏼‍♀️

Anybody else like STRONG, RICH, BOLD Coffee

I sure do 🙏🏼 I love the strength of espresso but don't always like the bitterness.

You can get the strength of African espresso, the richness of Arabian beans, and the bold flavor of pure french roast with my 6 Bean Blend Coffee. ✨Warning, it's darker than African Espresso

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