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Lioness Brew Coffee

Hand Roasted Coffee Delivered to Your Door!


Single Origin



Woooow!! Truly amazing!

The aroma will drive you crazy! I love coffee and have been drinking coffee forever! This is hands down the best brand I have tried! The chocolate hazelnut is amazing
I can't wait to try other flavours.

Will Eckert

The African Kahawa blend

It was the perfect blend to wake me up in the morning. Ordering was fast, easy and secure.  The hardest part was choosing what to try. I can't wait to get my next bag and try another blend.  Lioness Brew has strong, smooth and perfect coffees to pick me up in the morning!

Stephanie S.

I just had some of the best (dang) coffee in my life!

Some of the smoothest & boldest dark roast I have ever tried.

Sammy Pacyau